Interview with AOJ standout, Mason Monsevais

Mason Monsevais interview:


- The Jiu Jitsu: Tell us a little bit about your background, and how you found bjj and made it a passion?


Mason- My name is Mason Monsevais and I’m currently a blue belt training at the Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy in Costa Mesa, California. I began training a little over two years ago in my hometown of Fresno, California as I originally intended to fight MMA. I gravitated more towards the grappling aspect and I eventually began training strictly jiu-jitsu. This ultimately led to me moving down to Newport Beach to train full-time with the Mendes Brothers.


- The Jiu Jitsu: What is it like training with legends like the Mendes brother’s?


Mason- It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve witnessed some of the most amazing jiu-jitsu over the past two years while being at AoJ. Their knowledge and execution of techniques is unrivaled.


- The Jiu Jitsu: What is the atmosphere like at AOJ? (with guests, the online academy, etc..)


Mason- AOJ is a really fun and inviting place to be at. It’s very welcoming to guests as we have people visiting from all over the world each and every day. It’s filled with great people both on & off the mats.


- The Jiu Jitsu: How often do you train, and do you include conditioning/weight training or drilling?


Mason- I normally arrive at the gym around 7AM and start with a drill / study session with a few of my teammates and Professors Rafa & Gui. This lasts until about 9AM and then I do both morning classes which are 9AM-10:30AM and 10:30AM-12PM. After that, I have a lunch break until about 3PM when I begin teaching kids classes and private lessons. I teach until 6:30PM and then have an hour break before the night class which is 7:30PM-9PM. This is Monday through Friday. On Saturdays & Sundays, I teach kids classes and private lessons in the morning. I don’t do any strength & conditioning apart from jiu-jitsu.


- The Jiu Jitsu: What is your philosophy/ training like when preparing for competition?


Mason- My philosophy or training intensity doesn’t change when I am preparing for a tournament. We are always training hard so I always feel in shape and ready.


- The Jiu Jitsu: What do you think on weight cutting, and nutrition regimens?


Mason- I think it’s extremely important to be able to make your weight class consistently and in a healthy manner. I see a lot of guys kill themselves to make weight and then have a horrible experience in the actual tournament. Your diet & eating habits should compliment your jiu-jitsu, not the other way around.


- The Jiu Jitsu: What is it you enjoy most about bjj?


Mason- I love having the opportunity to learn and better myself each and every day. It’s a never-ending journey.


- The Jiu Jitsu: Lastly, if you could give the bjj beginner one tip on competition what would you say? 


Mason- If I could give a beginner one piece of advice, it would be to keep competing no matter the results. I think competing regularly is the fastest way to address holes in your game and allows a person to improve at an accelerated rate.


Mason- I’d like to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity and interviewing me! If anyone is interested you can add me on Facebook ( or follow me on Instagram (@MasonMonsevais). I’d also like to thank my family, Professors and everyone at AoJ. And also RVCA Sport, Battle Bars & Shoyoroll for taking care of me.