De La Riva Overhead Sweeps

The De La Riva Guard is an extremely popular guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today.  Bjj practitioners have started utilizing the DLR for various reasons.  The De La Riva guard presents itself very often in modern competition Jiu Jitsu and is an extremely effective guard for sweeps, back takes, submissions and control.  

One of the most popular sweeps from the De La Riva is the over head sweep, or the "balloon" sweep.  This is a simple sweep to apply, but it is very dependent on good timing.  You have to really encourage your opponent to give you a specific reaction.  Like with all sweeps, it is an action and reaction type sweep.  Check out one variation of the overhead sweep from De La Riva below.

More commonly, many people will pull guard in De La Riva and one of the first sweeps you can hit directly off the guard pull is an overhead sweep.  The reason is because the action of guard pulling encourages forward momentum.  Check out another variation of the DLR overhead sweep below!