Guillotines with Jeff Glover, Garry Tonon, and Marcelo Garcia

Today is Guillotine day here at The Jiu Jitsu.  The Guillotine choke is an extremely popular submission in both Gi and NoGi.  It is one of the first submissions many people learn and one of the most effective.  There are a multitude of variations for the Guillotine!  Some have different grips, hand positioning and set-ups.  Some people prefer arm in Guillotines, some prefer the high elbow or "Marcelotine," and others may do one armed chokes!  Three of our favorite bjj athletes infamous for their Guillotines are Marcelo Garcia, Garry Tonon, and Jeff Glover.  All three of these legends have used the Guillotine to submit many world class opponents in competition. We have gathered some awesome instructionals from Marcelo, Garry and Glover on some of their Guillotine set ups and finishes.  Check them out below and see which Guillotine works for you.