De La Riva Overhead Sweeps

The De La Riva Guard is an extremely popular guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today.  Bjj practitioners have started utilizing the DLR for various reasons.  The De La Riva guard presents itself very often in modern competition Jiu Jitsu and is an extremely effective guard for sweeps, back takes, submissions and control.  

One of the most popular sweeps from the De La Riva is the over head sweep, or the "balloon" sweep.  This is a simple sweep to apply, but it is very dependent on good timing.  You have to really encourage your opponent to give you a specific reaction.  Like with all sweeps, it is an action and reaction type sweep.  Check out one variation of the overhead sweep from De La Riva below.

More commonly, many people will pull guard in De La Riva and one of the first sweeps you can hit directly off the guard pull is an overhead sweep.  The reason is because the action of guard pulling encourages forward momentum.  Check out another variation of the DLR overhead sweep below!

Power of the Tomoe Nage

The Tomoe Nage is an extremely powerful throw in Judo and is extremely applicable for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The Tomoe Nage has many benefits.  If the throw does not work out, you are technically just pulling guard.  In bjj, you can look at the Tomoe Nage as a guard pull that leads directly to a sweep.  Many high level bjj practitioners utilize various forms of the Tomoe Nage from closed guard, De La Riva, and more.  Tomoe Nage is basically an over head sweep.  Check out this quick clip of a Yoko Tomoe Nage from standing below. 



Elite Sports Gear Review

Our friends over at Elite Sports asked us to do a gear review and we are always open to helping out people in The Jiu Jitsu community so check it out below.  We did a video review as well below.  We got a Gi and a 3 in 1 medium sized gear bag from them.  The Gi is $79.99 and the bag is priced at $44.99.  

The Gi:  The Gi was excellent quality for the price, more than we expected.  It is 400 gsm weave, 100% preshrunk cotton with patches and embroidered logo's.  The pants are 400 gsm ripstop fabric and have a rope drawstring.  We are big fans of the rope drawstring, such a subtle characteristic of the Gi but so important.  Overall we love the Gi because of the quality for price.  The gi has the same characteristics as some Gi's that cost around $140 for only $79.99.  The fit was amazing, we got an A1 for our Admin, Aaron Benzrihem who is about 5'10, 135 lbs with long arms and the A1 fit him extremely well.  The design is nice, you can get several different colors as well which gives you some choices, its tough to give criticism because of the price.  The only criticism we have is the ripstop pants.  Some of our staff love them and some dislike them because of the grip advantage it gives your opponents.  

The Bag:  The bag is a duffle bage/back pack.  Our favorite part of the bag is the back pack shoulder straps and the size.  We love the medium size because its small enough that it is not overwhelming when carrying, but has enough storage to fit several things.  There is 3 ways to carry it and it has a mesh pocket for your dirty rash guards.  It has several different compartments for various items such as shoes, rash guards, Gi's, phones, water bottles and more. You can get their gear at   Check out our video review below. 

Leg Drag With Cobrinha and JT Torres

The Leg Drag pass is an extremely popular pass these days.  It is utilized frequently at the highest level from some of the best bjj practitioners, such as  Rafa Mendes, Cobrinha, JT Toress, Andre Galvao and more.  The pass can be set up from guard or top, it is one of the most difficult passes to stop.  Check out some different set-ups for it with Cobrinha and JT Torres!

X-Guard With The Best

Do you guys like to play X-Guard?  We think X-Guard is one of the best and most dominant guards for sweeping your opponents, and it has been proven at the highest level.  X-Guard was made famous by Marcelo Garcia because it became a staple in his game.  X-Guard does not present many submission opportunities but once you manage to get to the position, it is very easy to sweep. Check out some instructional videos below!

Demian Maia or Jacare? Who's got the best bjj in MMA?

There is a lot of controversy over which Jiu Jitsu World Champion has the best bjj in MMA, Demian Maia or Jacare?  We think both of them have excellent bjj and that they have different styles.  They both deserve a title shot but unfortunately bjj does not draw that much entertainment value.  Soon they will get their chance.  Check out a high light of each one below. 

Guillotines with Jeff Glover, Garry Tonon, and Marcelo Garcia

Today is Guillotine day here at The Jiu Jitsu.  The Guillotine choke is an extremely popular submission in both Gi and NoGi.  It is one of the first submissions many people learn and one of the most effective.  There are a multitude of variations for the Guillotine!  Some have different grips, hand positioning and set-ups.  Some people prefer arm in Guillotines, some prefer the high elbow or "Marcelotine," and others may do one armed chokes!  Three of our favorite bjj athletes infamous for their Guillotines are Marcelo Garcia, Garry Tonon, and Jeff Glover.  All three of these legends have used the Guillotine to submit many world class opponents in competition. We have gathered some awesome instructionals from Marcelo, Garry and Glover on some of their Guillotine set ups and finishes.  Check them out below and see which Guillotine works for you.