Baret Yoshida

Baret Yoshida Interview


The Jiu Jitsu: Tell us a little bit about yourself?


Yoshida: My name is Baret Yoshida. I am a black belt under Egan Inoue, and I have also trained professional shooto under Enson Inoue as well.


The Jiu Jitsu: How did you first discover jiu jitsu and become so passionate?


Yoshida: I watched the documentary Gracie’s in action 2, I saw the challenges and I wanted better results in my street fights.


The Jiu Jitsu: You’ve been competing at the highest level of bjj for over 10 years now, what do you think, if anything, has changed most about it recently?


Yoshida: Never noticed so much really. People were calling me old school style even when I was 19.

The Jiu Jitsu: You competed at Metamoris 4 recently against Jeff glover who has a weird style and tends to joke around as a part of his game maybe to calm him or distract, did anything surprise you about his style and approach?


Yoshida: Against Jeff I couldn’t figure out the best way to approach the donkey guard (when Jeff faces his back to you and inverts when you engage immediately) you can’t pull guard or takedown against the donkey guard



The Jiu Jitsu: You had fought Glover in 2005, did you think back to that match when you found out who you were fighting?


Yoshida: Yeah 2005, that was a good fight as well. Glover is more dangerous now though.


The Jiu Jitsu: Your guard, as usual, was incredible during your match with Glover do you train with points in mind or was the MM4 20 min submission only match comfortable for you?


Yoshida: I don’t really train points except to humor my students. Some of my students are into that league tournament type of play

 Baret and Jeff Glover at Metamoris, Jeff with his infamous Donkey Guard

Baret and Jeff Glover at Metamoris, Jeff with his infamous Donkey Guard

The Jiu Jitsu: Do you think with today’s rules for IBJJF people should incorporate and think of points, and rules while training or competing?


Yoshida: If your goal in life is to excel in IBJJF competitions you better both train and compete using points. I have different goals however


The Jiu Jitsu: What is your training regimen like for big competitions and do you incorporate strength/conditioning,?


Yoshida: I roll


The Jiu Jitsu: What would you say to people about taking a loss?


Yoshida: Everyone loses so its good to get rid of your losses, that way later you’ll only be left with winning


The Jiu Jitsu: Lastly, what is one tip you would give to beginners?


 Yoshida: Roll


The Jiu Jitsu: Also, is there anyone you’d like to thank or mention?


Yoshida: I’d like to thank Purebred, my instructors Egan Inoue and Enson Inoue, also I’d like to thank Rie for her support as well as Takehiro and Reversal dogi design works.